Built for doctors, by doctors
We are looking for doctors to join the Medworld Alpha Advisors

Built for doctors, by doctors

Medworld is using technology to connect doctors, to break down the silos, and enable collaboration through community.

Our idea is to enable the collective intelligence of the medical profession to solve medicine’s challenges; our goal is to build a useful collaboration engine and advance the health of medicine.

It is our parents, our children, our friends, our siblings, who will ultimately benefit when we achieve our purpose and well doctors globally are practicing their best medicine.

We are looking for doctors to join our Medworld Alpha Advisory team get started here.

What does joining the team mean for you?

It is an exciting opportunity to shape and influence the future of the medical profession and its digital progression. 
Join a team of over 200 doctors who will become the earliest adopters of the platform which will maximise your profile growth and influence.

All doctors who sign up will receive a welcome goodie pack and a certificate of involvement for your portfolio.   

Join the team


What is Medworld?
Medworld is an online community built exclusively for doctors by doctors. On Medworld doctors can build profiles, connect with their colleagues and classmates, write and publish Insights,  collaborate to solve challenges, find jobs, and much more.  Medworld is accessed via both an app and on desktop. 

What is alpha?
Medworld is building a technology product to advance the health of medicine.  In technology, the alpha phase of the product is the first phase of software testing. Our product is being designed exclusively for doctors, by doctors, so in this phase we want the feedback of doctors to improve design, usability, and function.

What does joining the Medworld Alpha advisors involve?
Joining the Alpha group will involve using the alpha product, answering surveys, and advising in some video calls. It will take up no more than 1-hour of your time per month.

How to join?
Please go to www.medworld.com/alpha and enter your details, then we will be in touch with the next steps and access to the Alpha product.  

I am a software engineer looking for a job. How do I apply?
We are seeking software engineers and product developers. Please visit www.medworldcareers.com

Meet some of our early advisors.

"Connection, communication and collaboration will help us to move forward together"

Dr Sarah Arachchi
Medworld Alpha Advisor
"By creating a safe space for doctors to come together and share - this has the potential to support medics worldwide, to support each other."

Dr Katya Miles
Medworld Alpha Advisor  
"It’s been fantastic reflecting on my medical practice with the Medworld team to create a product that can best serve the community of doctors. I can see this enhancing medical culture and education among so much more. Well-being is paramount to doctors’ performance and by creating a platform to connect us we can better share and implement practices to improve."

Dr Ash Bowden
Medworld Alpha Advisor
"The good news is it’s not too late. We can hit the reset button. We have a chance to change what the profession looks like in the future."

Dr Amran Dhillon
Medworld Alpha Advisor
"Medicine is a collective of some of the best minds in the world, but the full power of this community is not being harnessed because we aren’t collaborating effectively."

Dr Sam Hazledine
Medworld Founder

Who is behind this?

Dr Sam Hazledine is a world leader and advocate for doctor well-being. He has successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to include the health and wellbeing of the doctor in the Declaration of Geneva, the modern-day Hippocratic Oath. As a doctor, Sam created Medworld to help advance the health of medicine, starting with doctors.

Let’s be better together.