Let's be better together
Together, we can advance the health of medicine.

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Let's be better, together

We imagine a world where the medical profession has evolved, and doctors are well.  

In 2016, Medworld successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva (the modern-day Hippocratic Oath) to include:

I will attend to my own health, well-being, and abilities in order to provide care of the highest standard.

Since then Medworld has continued to advocate for, educate, and work towards better health and well-being for all doctors.

"Medicine is a collective of some of the best minds in the world, but the full power of this community is not being harnessed because we aren’t collaborating effectively.

This is not because there was not a will, but because there wasn't a way; we’re doing the best we can, but we’re hurting."

Dr Sam Hazledine

Medworld is being built for doctors, by doctors

Medworld is using technology to connect doctors, to break down the silos and enable collaboration through community.

Our idea is to enable the collective intelligence of the medical profession to solve medicine’s challenges; our goal is to build a useful collaboration engine and advance the health of medicine.

It is our parents, our children, our friends, our siblings, who will ultimately benefit when we achieve our purpose and well doctors globally are practicing their best medicine.

We are looking for doctors to join as early alpha advisors, join the mission.