Technology that will bring the profession together

Medworld is a professional network built for doctors by doctors.  

Find your tribe of practitioners, connect with your classmates, write and publish your experiences through Insights, collaborate to solve challenges, and collect CPD points.

Become a Medworld thought leader

We are seeking doctors to work with our Medworld editorial team to create engaging content for the platform.

Medworld is an open platform for doctors to publish; any doctor can write an Insight and find an audience. While much of what we do as doctors is covered by formal clinical papers, a huge amount of our day isn’t. We believe that the solution to another doctor’s challenge lies within you, and as such, we celebrate diverse voices and believe every doctor has something useful to share; good ideas come from us all.

Become a thought leader

"It's very encouraging to make changes happen rather than waiting for someone else to do it for us"

Dr Sebnem Selek
Medworld Alpha Advisor

"The good news is it’s not too late. We can hit the reset button. We have a chance to change what the profession looks like in the future."

Dr Amran Dhillon
Medworld Alpha Advisor

"It’s been fantastic reflecting on my medical practice with the Medworld team to create a product that can best serve the community of doctors. I can see this enhancing medical culture and education among so much more. Well-being is paramount to doctors’ performance and by creating a platform to connect us we can better share and implement practices to improve."

Dr Ash Bowden
Medworld Alpha Advisor

"Connection, communication, and collaboration will help us to move forward together"

Dr Sarah Arachchi
Medworld Alpha Advisor

"It's now more important than ever to stay connected. I believe Medworld can build a trustworthy platform that will empower us doctors with tools to keep updated, gain knowledge, and confidence and thus improve our abilities to better look after, not only our patients but also ourselves."

Dr Susana Tamega
Medworld Alpha Advisor

"By creating a safe space for doctors to come together and share - this has the potential to support medics worldwide, to support each other."
Dr Katya Miles
Medworld Alpha Advisor


What is Medworld?
Medworld is an online community built exclusively for doctors by doctors. On Medworld doctors can build profiles, connect with their colleagues and classmates, write and publish Insights, collaborate to solve challenges, find jobs, and much more. Medworld is accessed via both a mobile app and on desktop.

What do you mean by 'Beta'?
Medworld is currently in the Beta phase. In software development, a beta test is the second phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out. This means doctors who enter the 'Beta' get first access to try the platform, it also means that some of the technology may be a little rough around the edges.

Does Medworld cost money?
No, Medworld is completely free, and the platform is also advertising free.

Can I access Medworld if I am not a doctor?
No, Medworld is for doctors only and they must provide their medical registration for entry. This provides doctors with a safe-space to collaborate.

How do I get access to Medworld?
The Medworld platform is currently in the Beta testing phase. This means the platform is ready to let doctors in, but it is still in its initial stages so some of the technology is still rough around the edges. We are seeking early adopter doctors who want to use the platform and provide feedback on their experience. To access the Beta, please register here. Then we will be in touch with the next steps and access to the platform. Please note, the platform is a safe space for doctors only and to access the platform you will be asked to provide your medical registration number.

I am a software engineer looking for a job. How do I apply?
We are seeking software engineers and product developers. please visit