March 24, 2020
Calling all Doctors and Nurses

Working with our partner company, Medworld, we have launched a campaign to unite medical professionals and assist in the organisation and deployment of doctors and nurses where they are needed.

As Australasia’s largest medical recruitment company, we’re calling for all doctors and nurses willing and able to help in the fight against Covid-19.

We have also teamed up with the New Zealand Ministry of Health and two nurse recruitment agencies (one in Australia and another in New Zealand) to better coordinate all medical professionals who are willing and able to help.

In New Zealand, retired and unregistered doctors can have their re-registration process fast-tracked. Australian authorities are working on implementing a similar system.

What you can do

You do not have to work on the frontline – there will be different roles needing to be filled, so it is important you tell us what kind of work you’d prefer (and are able) to do. You don’t have to work full-time and YES, this work is paid (just as any locum role is).

There are three areas where we anticipate the most demand:

  1. Back-filling existing roles
  2. Staffing pop-up fever clinics
  3. Tele-health services

To register your willingness to work, head to

Though MedRecruit specialises in working with doctors, through Medworld we have partnered with nurse recruitment agencies. Nurses should also register their interest via the link above and our partner agencies will help guide you through the process.

What happens next

After you have registered your interest, you will be contacted by a MedRecruit team member who will assist you in credentialing – this means checking your CV and paperwork to make sure you have all the documents you need to work.

We’ll then contact you about relevant roles as and when the need arises. You may be contacted individually, or included in an email with a wider range of available roles. If there is a role you feel you are able to fill, let us know as soon as you can and a dedicated solutions specialist will book you in and let you know the details. If you want to be taken off the availability list, you can opt out at any time.

Thanks to all the MedRecruit doctors who have registered their interest already. More than 400 doctors and nurses registered their interest in the first 24 hours! Now, more than ever before, is the time for all medical professionals to come together and fight COVID-19. We know so many of you have been working hard already and we’d like to thank all medical professionals for your dedication to your communities at this difficult time.

Join the fight

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