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August 30, 2021
Doctor Do More Moves Against Cancer

Dr Ash Bowden AKA “Doctor Do More" is encouraging the Central Coast to participate in his annual #MoveAgainstCancer Step Challenge this September.  

“I lost my dad to a brain tumour. He survived for four years with it, which was unheard of. It was a prognosis of which 90% of people die within the first year. He was very fit and we ran a lot of races together and I remember actually being his guide dog on his last 10 kilometre run. It was me, my brother, and him but I ran just ahead of him because he had a blind spot due to the tumour so I was his guide dog the whole way, and it was a real motivator to keep fit.”

It was this experience that prompted Dr Bowden to get involved with the Cancer Council and start the Step Challenge.

 “This challenge just epitomises everything I am about, getting people active, connecting people, and the benefits of exercise for everything but especially for cancers in terms of prevention, survivorship, and reduction in symptoms. Exercise also has a huge impact on our mental health, something we all need right now” Dr Bowden explained. 

 Regular physical activity can help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety, and in a time when many of us may be feeling these pangs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, events like this become more important than ever. 

 “This pandemic has caused so much stress and anxiety. With the loss of incomes and so much uncertainty. Getting outside and staying active massively helps your headspace, helping us to stay positive as we move forward.”


 The 2021 September #MoveAgainstCancer Step Challenge encourages people to record their number of steps over the whole month in teams to win prizes.  Participation costs $10, with all money going to Cancer Council.

 Australian Dental & Implant Group is thrilled to be the major sponsor this year. Practice Principal and leading dentist, Dr Ned Restom is a cancer survivor himself and is keen to get involved with initiatives to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer. Dr Restom is also the founder of Customs 4 Cancer. 

 “We are so excited about the return of this community event, and are so happy it is something that can be continued safely within the current restrictions.  As well as the positive health benefits gained from those participating, the funds raised will support local cancer patients and fund critical research.  Cancer patients are telling us they are feeling more isolated than ever due to Covid-19, so our local support services have never been more important” Said Jaynie Maloney of the Cancer Council NSW.

This is the second annual #MoveAgainstCancer step challenge, and Dr Bowden said he wants this year to be bigger and better. 

 “Last year, we raised over $13,500 for Cancer Council and had over 800 people involved. It is such a simple, achievable challenge for people to participate in. When I’m asked ‘How do I go from doing nothing active to something?’ The best answer is to start with a walk. ”

 Dr Bowden suggests using any type of activity watch or smartphone to track steps. 

"I hope to achieve as many people getting active as possible, because it is a step challenge, people only have to get out and walk, everyone can get involved even people with disabilities."

 The challenge starts on Wednesday, September 1st, and will run to Thursday, September 30th. 

 Medworld and our partner company Medrecruit will be sponsoring this event.

Watch the Medworld interview with Dr Ash Bowden here:

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Dr Ashley Bowden

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