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February 11, 2022
Dr Mark Seaman "these are three books that I enjoyed which have a wellbeing focus"

Dr Mark Seaman is a GP, fitness enthusiast, and mental health and wellbeing advocate. He is admittedly more of a fiction reader, as it provides a means of escapism that helps quiet the mind.

"I love reading and try and make sure I read a book that is not related to the day job every day. "

We asked for some books he has enjoyed with a wellbeing focus, and these are three he recommends.

Fully Human by Steve Biddulph

"This is a great and easy reading book and centres around personal growth.  I was lucky enough to interview the author on a podcast and I really enjoyed his work." 

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Mark is the second doctor to recommend Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. He says it's "partly because I very much abused my sleep pattern for a long time and neglected its importance for far too long.  It's something we do every day and most of us could do it better and be better for it."

Before & Laughter by Jimmy Carr

"Lastly a recent read (and a bit different), ''Before & Laughter'' by Jimmy Carr, it's an autobiography that imparts a few life lessons along the way - plenty to think about in it if you like his brand of humour."

Article by
Dr Mark Seaman

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